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A little more about me

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For the last two decades I have been fascinated with exploring these questions:

What does it mean to be a feminine woman? How can I embrace my femininity? How can I feel safe to express myself fully as a woman?


How can I set myself free from all the mental, emotional, and physical constraints seemingly holding me back?

For me Feminine Liberation means I am fully embracing my feminine nature and I am liberated in my expression of that. For me it is also the mission I am here to serve. I want to help women around the globe step into their Feminine Liberation.

Feminine Liberation was not something I was taught. I had to learn this and now I stand for all women experiencing this. In my experience most women do not feel completely free to be everything that they are – there are many places where they feel held back. This was true for me too.

I was a very creative girl with some alternative sensibilities growing up in a conservative environment in Greenwich, Connecticut (born Melissa Katrina Mary Hall). I felt so constrained and often so uncomfortable in my skin because it felt like it wasn’t safe to be who I truly was. I also didn’t feel full permission to be the feminine woman I was.

When I left to create my life in San Francisco 15 years ago, my world was ecstatically blown open with all the new information and experiences I was having. I was exposed to lots of women’s circles and workshops, personal growth models, a thriving entrepreneurial community, different spiritual paths, the artist community I have befriended through the bass music and festival scenes, and so much more that helped me get back in touch with my essence that I had forgotten.

Through that journey I reclaimed my latent creativity and musical talent and began to feel safe to express myself as an embodied, sensual woman through embracing the practice of pleasure in my life. I also began to see that so many women were having the same challenges I was and needed support. And as I looked at the state of women around the planet, I did not like what I saw. I became passionate about offering something that would support the collective movement that is rippling out to inspire true women’s liberation.

We have made strides but we aren’t there yet. So many of our sisters around the world are suffering either direct constraints on our physical freedoms, or we are experiencing mental and emotional challenges that are containing our self-expression and our ability to step into our full power as a woman. I wanted to help solve this problem in some small way. This is how Femvolution was born and why I started coaching women personally. It’s also why I have embarked on creating the Feminine Medicine album project that is newly in development.

So I champion all things that support women to feel free in themselves. I share insights and programs that will help women remember and reclaim their voice, their artistry, their purpose here, and their feminine expression. I have worked very hard to uncover and release many of the limiting ideas, beliefs, and stories that I had picked up about who or what I should or could be and I like to share my findings.

I most express my Feminine Liberation when I step on to the stage and make music as ALIA. This is the place where I am the most unconstrained and unapologetic about who I am. This is where I am the least concerned with what people think about me. This is where I most let my passion and my raw experience of my pleasure and enjoyment come out to play. This is where I most embody my teachings and my mission. And, most importantly, this is where I feel the most free.

The way I have unleashed myself from my old life as an unhappy marketing executive to embrace my true essence and amazing life as an Artist is the story I most like to tell because I want you all to know you can do it too. I stand as an example and as an embodiment of what can be possible when you let yourself follow the breadcrumbs of your pleasure and joy and embrace the possibility of your Feminine Liberation.

Photo Love: Darren Miller

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